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Welcome to Deadly Embrace

We're a social guild that likes to do a lot of stuff in groups or chat on Teamspeak while questing. Deadly Embrace revolves around having fun, helping eachother and just enjoying the game. We are currently not raiding, but when we do, we have no intention of being too serious about it. We do however encourage people start or join spontanious groups for group quests, PvP, Rifts, Worldevents or Instances.

Be there, be part of it.

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Everyone is free to do as he wants, only rules are
  - to be respectful and considerable.
  - to pay the npc value of any item you take from the bank.

For the level 50 players who want to dye their gear, the guild colors are Grey / Red, this is not mandatory however.

Helping the guild
Nothing is set in stone here. You can help in anyway you want.
We do have some suggestions though:

- Send gear you would normaly NPC to player one level below the requirement.
This is better than putting it in the guild bank because its a wasted slot if it's unused. But a player one level below the requirement will use it the moment he levels.
- Put profession materials you dont use into the guild bank
This is not only better than a money donation, but makes for better efficiencey, the person that uses the donated materials uses them for his proffessions, but also donates the value of your materials to the guild bank.
- Participate in the guild quests
Guild quests are a great way to help the guild level up, with a higher level, the guild won't just become more efficient, but it will be easier to attract new members, since they are more likely to join higher level guilds.
- Helping guildies with quests
Sometimes guildies are stuck with a quest because there is a boss they cannot beat or because they cant make a group to complete a certain quest. If this boss is one you can easliy solo, help them out, its a small effort and is a big help.
However, don't be guild-tripped into grinding for people if thats what they ask.
- Join us on TS3
If possible, join us on Teamspeak for some random chats while questing or grinding.It also makes instances more fun and faster. If you dont have a microphone you can still join in, if you can hear us speak, you can still reply via guild chat. If you're shy or think you have a funny accent, join anyway and laugh at our accents xD
There is no excuse not to join! If you have any question feel free to ask them in guild chat.

We are nice people, but we do have limits. The guild bank and its usage works on TRUST. If we see people sell items on the auction house that has been taken from the guild bank, no warnings are given, its an instant bye-bye.
Warnings will be given to people who show undesirable behavoir, as mentioned earlier, respect is important.

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